Company Profile

Seedworld Australia Pty Ltd began trading 1996.This year we are proud to produce our latest catalogue which will mark 20 years of operation.

It is a great achievement for any business to remain operational for 20 years. We can put our success down to some basic principles. We respect our customers. We have been fortunate to have some customers for most of our 20 years of operation. Long term business relationships require good communication, prompt and efficient service and above all high quality seeds that produce the results required.

We also treat our seed suppliers and staff with respect and try to work in with their specific requirements. There have been many people who have worked with Jackie and myself over the years and we really do appreciate their assistance.

We have always tried to grow the business and look at the best methods we could find that would increase our sales and scale of our operations. The native seed industry has changed greatly over the past 20 years and the ability to adapt to these changes has been very important. The percentage our local sales to export sales has varied considerably over recent years. In the 1990’s the export sales of seed for ornamental plants such as Kentia palms and Castanospermum australe were a big part of our operations. The recent decrease in export sales of ornamental plant seeds has been balanced by the greatly increased sales of selected provenance seed for plantation forestry projects worldwide. The ability to adapt and change our business to meet the current demands has been an important part of our success.

Revegetation of mine sites and roadsides using selected local species is now a big focus of our business. The results our customers have achieved are not only good for the environment but provide the best possible advertising for our seed and our customers’ skill at seed application. It is very pleasing to see the restoration of once barren land to a thriving environment of flora and fauna. The legacy of these revegetation works will be a natural native environment that will go on for many years into the future.

Seed quality is vital to our business. We only supply seed of high viability. Our seed is stored in a modern coolroom with temperature and humidity controls. Our seed can be supplied with ISTA seed germination test results at our customer’s request.

For our export customers we work in partnership with our freight agent who can always meet our needs. Be it by sea or air freight we can get our seed anywhere in the world in a reliable and prompt manner.

Our harvest activities have changed over the past 20 years. With improved safety methods and technological harvest equipment our seed yields have increased each year. The variety of species harvested has also grown. We do continue to focus on bulk Eucalyptus and Acacia collection for forestry, revegetation and ornamental uses.

Eucalyptus seed is supplied as seed and chaff. This is how it occurs naturally and is what we collect from the fruit capsules. If you require pure seed please ask for a quotation.

Provenance seed collections for local and international use continue to be an important part of our business. Our seedlot collection data has continued to be improved and is now available in much greater detail. Our seed is used for many types of plantations where the growth characteristics of the resulting plants are critical to the overall success of these projects. The cost for specific provenance seed needs to be requested and is always at a greater cost than standard collection seed.

Pasture and Native grass seed is a developing area of our business. We service several customers in the Middle East with large amounts of pasture seed that will thrive in the difficult climatic conditions of that region.

Native grasses are becoming very popular with local revegetation contractors and we are increasing our collection of these species.

The prices shown in this catalogue are in Australian dollars. For Australian buyers please note they do not include GST. For any bulk order please request a quotation. We are able to offer substantial discounts from the listed price for large orders.

We are always willing to meet any specific requirements you may have.

Thank you again to all our customers who have placed orders with us over the past 20 years.We look forward to the future and hope we may continue to be of service for your seed requirements.

Best regards,

Mr Gary Bridge

Managing Director