About Us

Managing Director, Gary Bridge, proudly established Seedworld Australia Pty Ltd in 1996.  Seed collection was an activity Gary had  done since he was 16 years old.  Many weekends and holidays were spent gathering native seed.

Although, Gary studied teaching at the University of Wollongong, his interest in seed collecting continued throughout his studies eventually surpassing what began as a ‘hobby’ to become the beginnings of a financially viable and indeed niche business.

Today, Gary and wife Jackie are engaged full-time in the business. They have staff that have years of experience in seed collection and processing.  Seedworld Australia is a strong team of dedicated people.  Gary and staff will  travel all over Australia from Cairns to Perth sourcing native seed and fulfilling client demand.

Gary Bridge has travelled to meet with customers in Asia,North America,Brazil and Africa who are developing plantation forestry projects.  Recently Forest carbon sinks and carbon sequestration have become important issues.  Gary is working on forest carbon sinks/carbon credits using select provenance grade seed to establish these forest tree plantings.

Mine site rehabilitation and farm forestry are also projects that often require on site inspections.  We will soon include photos of some of our successful land restoration/soil stabilisation projects.

Please feel free to contact Gary for any assistance with native seeds for direct seeding or any revegetation projects for bush regeneration or plantation forestry.


Some of Seedworld Australia’s clients include:

FAO - United Nations
Disneyland USA
Australia Zoo
Shoalhaven City Council
Oceanic Coal
Greening Australia
Coal and Allied
Rio Tinto
Leighton Contractors
JMAC Constructions


Seedworld Australia Pty Ltd has a proud reputation for supplying quality seed for its high germination outcomes. We continue to expand our harvest activities each year, working to improve methods and equipment to increase seed yields. Each year we endeavour to provide greater seed variety, however, we also continue to focus on bulk Eucalyptus and Acacia collection for forestry, revegetation and ornamental uses.

Provenance seed collections for local and international use continue to be an important part of our business. Our seed and collection data has continued to improve and is now available in much greater detail. Our seed is used for many types of plantations where the growth characteristics of the resulting plants are critical to the overall success of these projects.

Pasture and native grass seed is a developing area of our business. We service several customers in the Middle East with large amounts of pasture seed that will thrive in the difficult climatic conditions of that region. Native grasses are becoming very popular with local re-vegetation contractors and we are increasing our collection of these species.

We are always willing to meet any specific requirements our customers may have and take pride in being able to service both local, interstateand international customers. Seedworld Australia is a proud member of the Australian Seed Federation – the peak body for the seed industry at the local, state and national level.

Please view our product catalogue and contact us should you require any assistance with placing an order online. The prices shown in this catalogue are in Australian dollars. For Australian buyers please note they do not include GST.

For any bulk order please request a quotation. We are able to offer substantial discounts from the listed price for large orders.